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10 misconceptions about lash extensions and how you take them from potential customers!

There are many myths, stereotypes and false claims about eyelash extensions. These are partly responsible for why many women decide against lash extensions and do not even want to try them.

In this blog post, we want to clear up the 10 most common ones in order to provide you with the right arguments, take away the concerns of potential clients and expand your customer base.



1. Lash extensions destroy your natural lashes

High quality eyelash lengthening by an experienced stylist uses a minimum of glue and each fan is only glued to one eyelash at a time.

There are no lumps of glue (like you've probably seen with clients who got their lashes done by other stylists) that put a strain on the natural eyelashes and cause them to fall out due to friction.

The majority of clients who have had quality eyelash extensions done for years have never had to take a break to let natural eyelashes grow back. This does not mean that in exceptional cases it may not be necessary to advise a client to take a break.

Because every client is an individual and therefore there is no general law that applies to everyone.

In summary, it can be said that with good work and taking into account a few points (further below in the text) of the client, lashes won't fall out at a higher rate than without lash extensions.



2. Lash extensions are uncomfortable or painful

As mentioned in point one, good stylists use very little glue. They also attach the artificial eyelashes at a distance from the eyelid. So there are usually no big chunks of hard glue that irritate the eyelids.

Choosing the right length - such as short in the inner corner of the eye - also prevents the client from becoming uncomfortable with the lash extensions.

In addition, it is important to explain to your customers that they will contact you immediately if the procedure causes pain. Having eyelash extensions done is often a challenge for many clients because of the duration. Additional pain should therefore be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, make sure to use your tweezers as carefully as possible, that the remover is applied very carefully and that your customers can lie as comfortably as possible.

Even after the treatment, remind your clients to contact you immediately if they feel uncomfortable about their lashes.



3. Lash Extensions need a lot of maintenance

That's not true either. Of course, you can also expect some care from your clients to keep their extensions as long and beautiful as possible.

But all it takes is daily brushing with an eyelash brush and regular washing with an oil-free shampoo.

Especially after applying mascara, eyelashes need to be washed well to stay clean and hygienic. Explain this to your clients to keep their lashes healthy and your work enjoyable.



4. Lash extensions look unnatural or fake

As long as the eyelash stylist does a good job in terms of shape, right length and choice of materials, lash extensions can look super natural and can only be recognized as lash extensions at second glance, even for experienced eyelash users.

Of course, it is important that the “natural look” effect is chosen. This should also match the customer's eye and head shape. The color of the eyelashes can also play a decisive role, which is why many stylists choose brown eyelashes for blonde customers.

Dark Chocolate by Oko Lashes can help you wow clients who want an extremely natural look!

Last but not least, the choice of volume is a decisive factor when it comes to making eyelash extensions look natural. 10-D does not look "natural" even when all other things are considered.



5. Lash extensions cause allergic reactions

Some people are allergic to eyelash glue. In such cases, the treatment should be discontinued and the eyelashes removed.  Slightly red eyes shortly after treatment are more the norm than the exception and are not really a cause for concern. However, if the eyes are very red and the condition does not subside, a doctor should be consulted and the eyelash extensions removed.

Please note that we have no medical training and therefore cannot give advice here.

However, the majority of women do not react allergically to the glue and the slightly reddened eyes recover after a short time.

The eyelashes themselves are usually made of hypoallergenic PBT fiber and do not cause allergies. It is important to note here that extensions that are attached too close to the eyelid can irritate it and this is often misinterpreted as an allergy.

So it may well be that clients who have had an allergic reaction in the past just went to a bad stylist.

Caution is always required with such clients! For clients with such experiences, lengthen just a few test lashes and carefully monitor the reaction.



6. Lash extensions are expensive

If you lock yourself out of your apartment, the locksmith comes and opens the door within 3 minutes and gets 180€ for it, he argues that you are not paying him for the 3 minutes but for the many years of experience.

A good lash stylist also has many years and thousands of hours of experience plus a new set takes 2-3 hours and not 3 minutes. So if you look at it from this perspective, €120 for a new set is not expensive either.

Of course, good stylists always attend further training courses and seminars on lash extensions and invest a lot of money here to improve their skills and service.



7. Lash extensions only last 2 weeks

In point 6 we explained why lash extensions are actually not expensive. However, how “expensive” they are perceived also depends heavily on the durability of the lash extensions.

However, the assumption that these would only last 2 weeks makes almost any price seem ridiculously high.

Also, for many, it is not worth the journey plus 3 hours lying still, if you assume that you have to fill up again after 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, like many others, this prejudice seems to stem from bad experiences. This means that there are certainly stylists whose lashes mostly fall off again after 2 weeks.

Fortunately, this is the exception rather than the rule!

In any case, it is important that you as a stylist use high-quality glue and that the conditions in your studio are right. It should not be too hot or too cold for the glue to work optimally. The humidity should also be between 40% and 60%, depending on the adhesive.

Lovely's Focus has proven to be a very reliable partner over the summer.

Make sure that you clearly communicate to your customers that if you are pregnant, have your period or have other hormonal problems, the durability of your eyelashes can vary greatly.

However, if your client has no hormonal fluctuations, the humidity and temperature are neither too high nor too low, you use high-quality glue and work cleanly, then a shelf life of 6 weeks is easy to achieve.


8. Lash extensions are made from animal hair

Especially among lash stylists themselves, there is a strong belief that pet hair is still a significant part of the lash world. Luckily that's not the case. Apart from the terms mink (mink), silk (silk) or even sable (sable), eyelashes for eyelash extensions contain nothing from any animals.

It may be that such animal hair was actually used in the past - it is said that it still occasionally occurs in film and theater today. However, you can reassure your clients - practically no lash brands use human hair eyelashes. Luckily, apart from the marketing words “Silk” and “Mink”, none of that is left in the lash area.

Animal hair would have the disadvantage that it would be quite uneven in length and thickness, in addition to causing many allergic reactions.

So in summary, it can be said that Mink, Silk or Sable has PBT fibers in it, just like all other eyelashes. Why these terms are still used is a mystery to us.


9. You can't put on make-up with eyelash extensions

Of course that's not true. You can wear makeup, eyeshadow or even mascara - even with eyelash extensions. Of course, it is important that the client removes her make-up well and correctly.

It is best to use micellar water and avoid products containing oil, as these can clog the eyelash glue and affect the durability of the eyelashes.

To make it a little easier for you, try to explain to your clients who like to wear make-up that they should avoid it before an appointment with you, as it can sometimes be very uncomfortable for you as a stylist to lengthen such eyelashes.


10. You are not allowed to go to the sauna or swim with lash extensions

You can also go to the sauna or swim with lash extensions. In principle, it is advantageous to explain to all potential clients and existing customers that there are in principle no restrictions with eyelash extensions. Once the glue has hardened, the eyelashes can withstand practically anything and do not fall out while swimming, in the sauna or during sports.

We hope that we were able to give you some good arguments that you can use when acquiring new customers to get rid of the last doubts and convince them that eyelash extensions have practically no disadvantages.

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