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Eyelash extensions droopy eyelids

Many women of different ages are looking for ways to get rid of their droopy eyelids. Since special eye creams and massages are usually not very promising and many do not want Botox injections or plastic surgery, you turn to eyelash extensions.

For clients with droopy lids, it is important to know how to choose the right shape, curl and length to make the eyes appear wider and more open. Extended eyelashes can conceal optical imperfections such as drooping eyelids. As a rule, only experienced stylists can successfully cope with this task. Because the stylist determines which curl to choose for the respective droopy eyelid in order to achieve a perfect result. It depends on various factors; how much does the upper eyelid droop, what is the shape of the eyes, etc. Eyelash extensions for droopy eyelids - this is important to note For eyes with such special lids, you need to choose thick and long lashes for your eyelash extensions. They hide this unwanted anatomical feature and soften a "tired look". The following should be achieved with a lash extension for hanging eyelids: eyelids that appear heavy should be covered as well as possible Eyes should appear larger after lengthening the shape should be changed slightly the look should be given lightness Such a peculiarity of the upper eyelid does not necessarily occur only in older women. So sooner or later you will be confronted with it - even if your clients are all young. In order to offer each client the best result, you have to respond as well as possible to their individual eye shape and facial features and choose the artificial eyelashes accordingly. Don't make the lashes too voluminous or unnaturally long, as this draws more attention to the eyes than necessary. (Don't forget, you want to hide the droopy eyelids!) It is important to precisely determine the type, size and symmetry of the skin fold How do I choose the curl and thickness of my extension? In order to cleverly conceal the anatomical features of the respective eyes, you must carefully consider the shape, length, volume and curl before attempting lengthening on drooping eyelids. For example, eyelashes that are too long are less than ideal, since the tips of such eyelids unfortunately often lie directly against them and irritate them. To make it easier for you to choose the right curl, here are four options: For natural-looking results, choose Curl C (e.g. from Lovely) You can offer Curve D to clients who like intensely curled lashes. If you prefer a rather unusual curl, you can also use L or L+. These eyelashes are curved almost at right angles, look original and hide drooping eyelids well. This variant is not suitable for Asian eyes and those who wear glasses. The M-Curl is definitely worth a try. It is versatile and not yet as common as the well-known C and D curls. Which eyelash lengthening effect to choose for droopy eyelids? The choice of effect also plays a major role when working with lids of this type. In my opinion, the following effects are particularly suitable: Squirrel Effect - The professional works with fans of different lengths and large curves. The longest of them are not attached to the outer corner. squirrel effect eyelash extensions With the cat-eye technique, the eye cut is optically lengthened upwards and to the sides towards the temples. The stylist applies lashes of different lengths, with a smooth transition from shorter to longer lashes. The lashes are fluffy, seductive and playful, transforming any woman's face For the "fox effect", the specialist applies long lashes to the outer corners of the eyes. She slightly reduces the length of the lashes towards the inner corners of the eyes. This is an ideal effect for customers with round or narrow eyes, especially if a slight lengthening of the eye shape is desired effect eyelash extension The "doll effect" is achieved by fixing eyelashes of the same length along the eyelash growth line. The length is slightly less near the outer corner of the eye. For clients with round eyes, where the eyelid droops, it is better to choose a different effect. The "doll effect" is ideal for Asian-looking customers with slightly slanted eyes. Often the lash stylist strengthens not only the upper but also the lower lashes to make the look more expressive.doll effect lash extension The name “butterfly effect” came about because of the ultra-thin and lightweight material from which the false eyelashes are made. The blink of a woman wearing this effect is reminiscent of the flapping of a butterfly's wings. There

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