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Lash Extensions formen und effekte

Forms of eyelash extensions

In the eyelash extension industry lashes come in many different shapes (effects), curves, lengths and even colors.

In this blog post we want to explain to you in what shapes (effects) eyelash extensions come in and how you can choose the look individually for each customer.

The shape of eyelash extensions is a scheme according to which the stylist works. Depending on the chosen eyelash effect, the lash artist assigns different lengths for each area of ​​the eye.

Maybe you have noticed that something is written on an eye patch at the beginning of the session before eyelash extensions? This is the scheme of the chosen effect.

map lash extensions form plan scheme

The scheme and technique of eyelash extensions should not be confused!

For example, you can do Classic Lash Extensions with 1:1 technique or with a lot of volume. The same applies to all other effects.


What does volume mean for eyelashes?

Volume refers to the number of lashes used to form a fan.

For example: 2-D is 2 individual lashes, 3-D is 3 individual lashes and so on.



What types of eyelash extensions are there?


1. Natural (Natural form)

With this style of eyelash extension, the length of the artificial eyelashes is chosen depending on the length of the natural eyelashes. The longest lashes are (in most cases) in the center of the eye (pupil).

In keeping with the natural eyelashes, the artificial eyelashes then become shorter towards the outside. This means that the eye shape is not changed with this effect.

This lengthening effect suits every eye shape and can be done with any bend, thickness, curl and volume .

We recommend that beginners first offer this lash extensions effect.

1:1 natural eyelash extension effect


2. Doll Effect

The doll effect is an eyelash extension effect that creates a doll-like appearance, makes the eyes appear larger and opens them up.

The longest eyelashes are in the center of the eyes while the lengths of the eyelashes on the outer edge are the same on both sides of the eyes.

The doll effect is suitable for eyelash extensions for small eyes, drooping eyelids , crooked eyes and for Asian eye types.

With this effect you can also choose many different thicknesses, curls and strengths.

doll effect eyelash extension shape eye


3. Fox Effect

This eyelash shape is currently very popular amongst customers in the field of ​​eyelash extensions. The Fox effect is characterized by particularly long eyelashes in the outer corner of the eye.

Here it is important to pay attention to the shape of the customer's eyes, because this effect is particularly suitable for:

- Women with almond-shaped eyes

- Standard eyes and big eyes

- When eyes are too close together


When it comes to eyelash extensions with the Fox Effect, it is important to mention that with this effect, slightly shorter eyelashes must be used for the last 3-5 millimeters up to the outer corner of the eye.

fox effect lash extension style form


4. Eyeliner Effect

As the name suggests, the eyeliner effect is inspired by the eyeliner and its shape is reminiscent of an eyeliner.

So this shape is perfect for all women who would like to achieve a make-up-like look through eyelash extensions and prefer a look with natural eyelashes.

In principle you can say that the eyeliner effect is the same as a Fox effect, just with shorter eyelashes.

Its peculiarity is that the style is performed in short lengths (4 to 8 mm) almost over the entire eye and the eyelashes become longer towards the outer corner of the eye.

lash extension eye liner effect eye

Artificial eyelashes often differ from natural eyelashes in length, which is why this shape is perfect for all women who would like to achieve a make-up-like look through eyelash extensions.

The eyeliner effect is modeled using volume technology (2D and higher) and therefore also works well with eyelash thickening.

This shape is suitable for those who love the Fox effect and would like a more natural eyelash extension and for all those who no longer feel like drawing an eyeliner every day.

However, caution is advised when it comes to the eye liner effect for customers who have been used to the look of longer eyelash extensions for years.

Since very short eyelashes are used here, many of these customers can be negatively surprised after eyelash extensions with the eye liner effect.

For this effect it is important that the selected eyelashes are dark black and that you use a B, D, L or M curl.

Our choice for this style: “ Lovely Silicone


5. Kim Effect (Kim Kardashian Style)

This style of eyelash extensions was named after Kim Kardashian and looks similar to stick-on strip eyelashes.

In this shape, the lengths are not arranged in sequence, and longer lashes alternate with shorter lashes.


eyelash extension shape kim style effect


In short, the effect is expressly not intended to be similar of natural eyelashes.

The vast majority of lashes for this effect can be up to 12mm long, while the spikes can be chosen up to 16-17mm long.

For the ideal shape, we recommend making the spikes 3mm longer than the rest to achieve the desired effect.

Suitable for everyone who likes "messy & uneven" eyelash extensions, but also for those who like strip lashes.


6. Squirrel Effect

The Squirrel Effect gets its name from the squirrel's bushy tail.

This form of eyelash extension gives the eyes a more natural look and can also wonderfully conceal certain aesthetic characteristics of the customer.

What is characteristic of this eyelash shape is that the longest eyelashes are placed under the natural arch of the eyebrows.

Offer this lash look for eyelash extensions to the following customers:

- eyes close together

- high eyebrows

- outer eyelashes that grow downwards

- would like a cat eye look (but this doesn't suit your eye shape)

Squirrel effect eyelash extension shape


Bonus: Wet Effect

This effect is intended to give the impression that the eyelashes are wet. Similar to how the client had just gotten out of the shower.

This form is only carried out using the volume technique (from 2D and upwards) and is also suitable for eyelash thickening.

When eyelash extensions with the 'wet look effect', it is important to take two, three or even four eyelashes from the tape and stick them onto the natural eyelashes without first fanning the eyelashes.

wet effect eyelash extension form

The wet effect is compatible with any other shape , for example you can do a fox wet effect or natural wet effect with eyelash extensions.

With this effect you can easily adjust the intensity. Depending on how many artificial eyelashes are glued to a single natural eyelash, the effect increases.

Tip: To achieve this effect, you can apply primer, pre-treatment and sometimes even lash coating to the tips of your eyelashes with a microbrush. Only then do you start with the actual eyelash extensions.


We would like to point out that the shape of the eyelash extensions is chosen individually in consultation between the customer and the stylist and taking the customer's wishes into account. All of these effects can be achieved with any length, curl and thickness.


Therefore, even if a client wants a Fox Effect, for example, it hardly makes sense to model it if her eyes are naturally further apart.

It is therefore your job as a stylist to find the right effect for your clients ' eye shape in accordance with their wishes !

If you have mastered all the effects and techniques perfectly but would like to know more about eyelash extensions and irritated eyes, there is more about it in this blog post:

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