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Forms of eyelash extensions

There are many different shapes (effects), curves, lengths and even colors in the eyelash extensions industry. Today I will explain to you what forms (effects) there are and how you can select the effect individually for each customer.

The shape (effect) in eyelash extensions is a scheme according to which the stylist works and depending on the chosen shape, assigns different lengths to each area of ​​​​the eye.

Maybe you've noticed that at the beginning of the process something is written to a patch? So this is the scheme of the chosen effect.

There are the following forms (effects) of eyelash extensions - the following listing was created after a small poll on Instagram and sorted by popularity:

  1. Natural
  2. Doll
  3. Foxy
  4. eyeliner
  5. wet
  6. Kim style

The standard effects are: natural, doll and fox effects. All others are alternative forms (in trend, modern).

Let's see the most popular effects of eyelash extensions:

  1. Natural Shape

With this effect, the length of the artificial eyelashes is chosen depending on the length of the natural eyelashes. The longest lashes are (in most cases) in the middle of the eye (pupil) to the end of the iris in the outer corner of the eye. This lengthening effect suits any shape of eye. We recommend that beginners offer this effect first.

  1. Doll Effect (doll/open eyes)

The Doll Effect is an eyelash lengthening effect that creates a doll-like appearance, making the eye appear larger and more open. The longest lashes are in the center of the eye while the inner and outer corners of the lashes are of equal length. Suitable for small eyes, drooping upper lids, crooked eyes and for Asian type eyes.

  1. Fox Effect

A very popular "fox look" effect with customers. I'm sure you stylists will agree that 80% of the time new clients want the fox look. The fox effect has the longest length in the diagram in the outer corner of the eye. However, caution is required here, because about 3-5mm in front of the outer corner of the eye it is essential to use shorter lashes. Suitable for almond-shaped eyes, large eyes, narrow eyes.

Next, let's consider the alternative forms of eyelash extensions:

  1. Eyeliner

An eyeliner effect that looks like you're already wearing makeup in the form of eyeliner. Its peculiarity is that the style is performed in short lengths (4 to 8 mm) almost all over the eye, and the eyelashes become longer the closer they are to the outer corner of the eye. The eyeliner effect is performed only as a volume technique (2D and above). It is suitable for those who love the fox effect and for all those who are tired of drawing an eyeliner every day.

You have to be careful with this effect, because the short lengths particularly surprise customers who have been wearing longer lashes for years.

It is important for this effect that the selected eyelashes are dark black.

Our pick for this style: “ Oko Black

  1. Wet Effect

This effect looks like they just got out of the shower and got wet with water. This form is only performed in volumetric technique (from 2D and up).

Here it is important to take two, three or even four eyelashes from the tape and stick them on the natural eyelashes without making a fan with the eyelashes beforehand.

The wet effect is compatible with any other shape, for example you can make a fox wet effect or natural wet effect. With this effect you can easily adjust the intensity. The effect increases depending on how many artificial eyelashes are glued onto a single natural eyelash.

  1. Kim Style

Named after Kim Kardashian, this style looks a lot like stick-on lashes. In this effect, the lengths are not arranged in order, and longer lashes alternate with shorter ones. The vast majority of the lashes for this effect can be up to 12mm long, while the spikes can be chosen up to 16-17mm long.

I recommend making the spikes 3mm longer than the rest to get the desired effect. Suitable for everyone who likes "messy & uneven" lashes, but also for those who like ribbon lashes.


I have introduced you to the most popular forms (effects) of eyelash extensions. I would like to note that the form (effect of lengthening) is chosen individually in consultation with a stylist and taking into account the wishes of the client. All of these effects can be achieved with any length, curve, and thickness.


In another post, I will tell you how to help your clients to find the best look for themselves.

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