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Lash Extensions "Black" - OKO LASHES - 16 Reihen

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Curl: C
Thickness: 0.06
Length: 6mm


As a professional lash stylist, you know how important it is to achieve the best result for your clients. With Oko Lashes Black you are guaranteed to amaze all your customers.

Oko Lashes Black are absolute premium eyelashes that are particularly characterized by their ultra-soft texture. This is achieved due to a special ventilation process during production. This gives the eyelashes a unique elasticity and lightness.

As the name “Black” suggests, the eyelashes are deep black and free of blue casts.

Time is money, especially in busy salon life. Thanks to the high-quality orange adhesive tape, making fans is easy and you save valuable time - whether using the hand or tape technique.

Thanks to the silver foiled back of the individual eyelash rows, you save yourself the hassle of cleaning your eyelash plates.

You can get Oko Lashes Black from us in the following versions:

Curl: C, D, L, M

Thickness: 0.07 & 0.10

Length: 6mm - 15mm

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