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Glue "Cleopatra" by Lovely

by Lovely
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ml: 5ml
Ablaufatum: 15.11.2024


Please check the expiration date!


Lovely's Cleopatra glue has a high drying speed of one second and a maximum lasting time of up to 8 weeks.

The glue is characterized by a minimum of fumes and is ideal for single technique and volume technique.

It differs from Glue Victoria in that it is better suited for clients who are typically sensitive to glue. However, Cleopatra needs ideal humidity to develop its maximum effect.

Application: Put a small amount of glue on the desired surface (disposable adhesive pads) and dip the eyelash into the drop of glue.

Shake the glue horizontally before use and blot the spout with a lint-free cloth after use to prevent clogging. After opening, it is advisable to store the adhesive in an upright position.

WARNING: This product is only for professional use by trained lash stylists!

Colour: black

Optimal conditions for working with glue:
- Temperature from +18 to +24 °C
- Humidity 40 to 70

Storage conditions: keep out of the reach of children, away from fire and direct sunlight

Shelf life from date of manufacture: 6 months

Shelf life after opening: 2 months

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