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Lash Extensions "Professional Dark Chocolate" MINI MIX - OKO LASHES - 6 rows

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Curl: D
Thickness: 0.07
Length: 7-12mm


OKO Lashes Dark Chocolate consists of high-quality elastic eyelashes with a rich color right down to the tips.

Like all OKO eyelashes, the Dark Chocolate line is light and soft. Thanks to the high elasticity, the eyelashes retain their shape even when worn for a long time.

The special adhesive tape allows you to form eyelash fans directly on the eyelash strip. This makes these eyelashes ideal for the band technique as well as the hand technique.

Dark chocolate eyelashes are suitable for both individual and volume techniques.

We offer OKO Lashes Dark Chocolate MINI MIX in the following curls and thicknesses: B, C, D, L, M / 0.07mm and 0.10mm

Lengths: 7mm-12mm

color: brown

Size: 6 rows


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