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Plate for Lash strips by Lovely

by Lovely
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When using such eyelash trays, you can easily pick up and fan eyelashes with any type of tweezers.

The advantage is that you have easy access to the individual eyelash strips.

The eyelash plate from Lovely is made of chic white acrylic and is practically indestructible.

- Glue the individual eyelash strips with disinfected hands onto the cleaned palette on the lines drawn. We recommend sorting the eyelash strips vertically in lengthwise order. For example, from 8 to 12 millimeters, depending on which lashes are needed for the work ahead.

- While working, use the tweezers to take the required amount of lashes (volume technique) or individual lashes from the palette.

- To make it as convenient as possible, we recommend using a separate acrylic palette for each lash thickness and curl.

The dimensions of the Lovely Eyelash Palette are 115mm x 150mm and come in a sleek white packaging!

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