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warum hochwertige wimpern bei lash extensions

4 reasons for high-quality lash extensions

To be successful as a lash stylist, you have to do a lot of things right at the same time and not everything is always in your control. That's why it's even more important to implement perfectly the things that you can influence 100% yourself.

While everything around is important, what matters most in the end is the result of the eyelash extension. In this blog post we will explain to you what you need to pay attention to when choosing good eyelashes and why it is worth choosing high-quality lashes.

1. Time saving

High-quality eyelashes can usually be recognized by the fact that they have extremely even tips and hardly any “gaps” in the eyelash row. This evenness makes fanning easier for you as a stylist.

The adhesive strip on which the lashes sit also plays an important role. As long as it has good stickiness, it makes it much easier for stylists to fan out using the tape technique.

However, bad eyelashes vary not only in length, density and stickiness of the adhesive strip, but also in diameter. If the diameter of the eyelashes is not the same for all eyelashes, working with tweezers becomes significantly more difficult. Because it can sometimes easily happen that eyelashes slip out of the tweezers.

These difficulties hinder your work and waste unnecessary time. On the one hand, this is uneconomical for you as a stylist because you can do fewer clients in one day, and on the other hand, lying down for long periods of time can be very tiring for your clients.

2. Client sees difference

Believing that your customers don't know their way around lash extensions is a big mistake. While they may not always technically understand exactly what happens during eyelash extensions, your customers can certainly tell a bad eyelash extension from a good one.

Your customers will feel the same way if you work with inferior lashes. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly what bothers you about the look - but you do know that it could look better.

Therefore, be careful not to use eyelashes with crooked ends or unnatural color.

Your customers will also notice if you don't use high-quality eyelashes. You notice when your eyelashes become deformed or are uncomfortable to wear.

Therefore, high-quality eyelashes offer a better ROI ( return on investment ) than cheap eyelashes. Because eyelashes that give your customers a WOW effect make them more likely to return.

3. No exotic curls

High-quality eyelashes usually have understandable curls and can be selected in tables before purchasing. When buying no-name products, it can happen that the curls - of which you already have a certain idea - are very different from other companies and can give you and your customers an unpleasant surprise.

With well-known manufacturers, you can always be sure that, for example, an L curl is also an L curl.

4. No animal suffering

Almost all professional brands such as: OKO Lahes, Lovely and Le Mat rely on a special PBT fiber. They offer the advantage of looking extremely natural, not causing allergies, being light and of course that no animal substances are used in their production.

While there are still a few shops or stylists who rely on real hair, in our opinion there is absolutely no need to use cruelty-free eyelashes anymore.

So which eyelashes should you buy?

The choice of eyelashes is a highly individual question and depends largely on your own taste. But if you keep the following points in mind, you won't go wrong when buying eyelashes:

  1. Read reviews from external resources if possible
  2. Get mix palettes first before getting all the individual lengths. Play it safe and make sure of the quality before you buy several pieces of each length.
  3. Check the color: Are your eyelashes black enough for you?
  4. Take off individual lashes and compare the curls and thickness on a white piece of paper with lashes you have previously used.
  5. Look closely at the tips of your eyelashes! Either under the magnifying glass or take a photo with a macro lens. Often eyelashes look good at first glance, but upon closer inspection have absolutely bent ends.
  6. Work with the mix palettes and check the following aspects: fanning, elasticity, tape
  7. Check the eyelash extensions on the client and then ask her for feedback

If all of the above points can be ticked off positively, you can almost be sure that you are making a good decision.

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