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Do your own eyelash extensions - why not?!

Here you can find out why professional lash extensions are preferable to artificial eyelashes. And why you're doing something good for your health and your wallet if you don't lengthen your eyelashes yourself .

But you still want to give your eyelashes a wow effect in the form of a DIY project? We'll explain what you should pay attention to!

Eyelash extensions, falsies, DIY...

Who else is supposed to know all these terms? And which of these can you make yourself at home?

“Falsies” comes from False Lashes and usually refers to stick-on strip eyelashes.

"DIY" is an abbreviation for "Do It Yourself" and includes all types of eyelashes that can be applied yourself without much difficulty.

Eyelash extensions, also known as lash extensions, refer to the professional lengthening of individual natural eyelashes with one or more artificial eyelashes.

We'll explain to you exactly what exactly should be considered and why!

Falsies (strip eyelashes):

The principle of “one size fits all” applies to this type of lashes. So a style that should suit every girl. Is that possible?

Usually not, it may be that some people manage to wear this type of lashes and not look cheap.

Unfortunately, this is rather the exception .

What is characteristic of these eyelashes is that the individual eyelashes differ greatly in length and therefore the special features of the eyes cannot be addressed.

A big disadvantage of this type of eyelashes is that they are temporarily glued to your own lash line with an adhesive and then removed again.

If such strip eyelashes are often worn, this subsequently damages your own eyelash structure and eyelash health.

Advantage: They are quickly attached, quickly removed and are generally relatively inexpensive

DIY eyelash strips to stick on yourself

Cluster Lash / Lash Bundles

This type of lashes consists of small bundles of eyelashes that are attached one after the other to your own eyelashes.

Advantage: Here you have a little more control over your look, as you can decide for yourself which part of the eye you want to have which length based on the different length “clusters”.

But here too, you damage your own eyelashes when wearing and removing them.

Make eyelash extensions yourself ready-made fans

Eyelash extensions:

If you have it done by a good stylist, this variant of false eyelashes is probably the most beautiful - without a doubt. Your stylist can cater to the shape of your eyes and face while concealing less desirable features of your face.

As long as the work is done cleanly, it will practically not damage your natural eyelashes. However, after the extension they not only have to support their own weight but also that of the glued-on compartments.

Of course, this can slightly accelerate the failure rate.

eyelashes for lash extensions le mat


Do professional eyelash extensions yourself?

More and more videos and courses are appearing from trainers who explain how you can do semi-permanent eyelash extensions yourself.

According to the content of these videos and the results of the eyelash extensions shown, this seems to be possible with a lot of practice.

However, our recommendation is to have someone else do it for you. Just as a doctor probably doesn't operate on himself, we advise everyone not to do it themselves if they have mastered eyelash extensions.

And we advise everyone who is not skilled at professional eyelash extensions : under no circumstances try to lengthen your eyelashes yourself using this method.

The tweezers required for this are very sharp and the glue is extremely effective - hands off!

If you were expecting step-by-step instructions here, you will unfortunately be disappointed.

DIY vs. professional eyelash extensions:

Strip eyelashes or ready-made fans promise a beautiful DIY eyelash extension that you can do yourself.

Some people may even be completely satisfied with the end result, but if you compare the result with professional eyelash extensions, you can see a big difference .

Eyelash stylists with many years of experience will choose exactly the right curl, the right thickness and the perfect eyelash look for you.

While DIY eyelashes only offer a general solution for everyone.

So eye shape and other personal characteristics are not taken into account here .

DIY lashes and professional eyelash extensions

Difference in eyelash extension technique:

During professional eyelash extensions, fans are shaped according to your wishes.

If you want a 2-D effect, two individual eyelashes are fanned out and attached to one of your eyelashes. With 3-D, three artificial eyelashes are glued on and so on.

So only with eyelash extensions in the studio is it possible to influence the density, effect and look of the eyelashes.

Strip eyelashes and eyelash extensions comparison

With DIY eyelashes you practically cannot determine the density, curve and thickness (diameter).

Durability and price:

The durability of all eyelashes can hardly be answered in general terms. This varies from product to product.

There are also many factors involved in professional eyelash extensions that can influence the durability of the eyelashes.

However, you can expect eyelash extensions to last 6-8 weeks - which is certainly not unrealistic.

If you put this in relation to the price, you quickly realize that it can be quite economical to rely on semi-permanent professional eyelash extensions as opposed to DIY fake lashes.


Eyelash stylists have completed training and are state-certified to carry out eyelash extensions in this highly sensitive eye area.

We only use eyelash glues that are certified and classified as not harmful to health.

They know how to deal with allergic reactions to the eyes and have a steady hand thanks to many years of experience.

This is particularly important when it comes to working so close to the eyes with sharp tweezers and strong glue.

With lash extensions, eyelashes gradually fall out. This means that if a natural eyelash falls out, the artificial eyelash fan attached to it falls out.

own eyelashes damaged by artificial eyelashes

With DIY eyelashes, all artificial eyelashes stick together to the natural eyelashes in the form of a fake eyelash ring.

This means that natural shedding like with lash extensions is not possible, which reduces the number of your own eyelashes .

With good eyelash extensions, most clients do not see their number of eyelashes reduced for years.


Eyelashes that you make yourself are not adapted to the shape of your eyes and therefore look worse. If you take into account the length of time professional lash extensions are worn, DIY eyelashes are no longer that cheap in comparison.

With many do-it-yourself eyelash sets, the quality of the glue is questionable and the user's manual skills are often inadequate to work so close to their own eyes.

Only professional eyelash extensions can guarantee a permanently healthy natural eyelash line .

In our opinion, you should prefer a lash extension to artificial eyelashes. Especially if you care about the health of your eyelashes and eyes.

If you want to know more about eyelash extensions, read our blog post “10 Misconceptions About Lash Extensions”

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