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How to properly store eyelash glue

In order to operate eyelash extensions at a high level, the following three things are essential:

Eyelashes, tweezers and eyelash glue!

You can find out how to store the latter correctly to extend its shelf life in this blog post!

It is important to mention in advance that you should only use high-quality adhesives from trustworthy companies. Because a bad product is a bad product, no matter how hard you try to store it.

Pay attention to the expiry date:

Every glue has an expiration date, which is between 6-12 months after production, depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes longer sometimes shorter.

Make sure you dispose of your glue once it's expired.

The adhesive power of eyelash glue decreases rapidly and that can make clients unhappy.

So you end up losing more money than if you bought a new glue in time.

After opening the glue, it usually has a shelf life of 1.5 - 2 months. It is best to stick a small sticker on the back of the bottle of eyelash glue to write the date of opening on it.

Avoid moisture:

However, to ensure that your glue sticks well until the end of the expiry date, you must store it correctly. Contrary to popular belief, storing eyelash glue in the fridge is not recommended. Because the base material of the adhesive can be damaged by the strong temperature differences. Condensation can also occur, which draws water from the adhesive and renders it unusable.

Store the eyelash glue in a cool and dry place

Depending on the manufacturer, a storage temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius is specified. If you have a relatively cool place to store your glue, don't forget to bring it to room temperature (optimally 18-24 degrees Celsius) before starting work.

Avoid sun exposure

In general, eyelash glue should never be exposed to extreme temperatures; i.e. neither in particularly warm places nor in particularly cool places. Therefore, places with direct sunlight, near a radiator or refrigerator are out of the question ;)

Keep the glue clean:

When storing your glue, make sure it is standing upright. This prevents air bubbles from collecting inside the bottle or clogging the spout (spout/tip of the glue bottle). Don't forget to use a cloth to remove any glue residue from the grommet after you've finished your work.

To extend the life of your eyelash glue, you can use thermal insulation bags. These can protect the adhesive from negative influences in unfavorable environments.

With the above tips and tricks you reduce the risk of an adhesive that does not stick.

However, the conditions during eyelash extensions are also extremely important so that your eyelash glue sticks to the eyelashes permanently and efficiently.

I hope you found it useful - thanks for reading!

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